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Rock of Demise

by Photo Exhibition on 23 May 2017 permalink
Here is a shot of the upper part of the 3 Sisters rock formation in Katomba NSW, Australia.originalTo spice up the image I used a new effect to dramatize the scene.Now we have a blue haze around the rock rather than the valley behind as the Blue Mountains are so called.We also have this bas relief effect as the rock seem blasted from an intense light (a nuclear blast perhaps?) On the left hand-side we even have trees growing horizontally out of the bare rock face.Imagine being dropped there by helicopter for solitary confinement...

Say Cheese - How To Relax Your Subject When Taking Portraits

by Photo Exhibition on 16 May 2017 permalink
Some people become self-conscious the moment you point a lens at them. Learn a few tips to overcome the situation.A portrait as opposed to a happy snap is a set-out picture where the stated purpose is to remember someone for posterity. The background has been chosen, the subject has selected the appropriate clothes and the setting is an environment of your own choosing. Despite all this preparation the outcome can be derailed if the person has had bad experiences with photos in the past or keep saying negative things about themselves.One good approach is to setup your camera on a tripod and use a remote shutter release. Once the focus and framing of the image has been done, you can engage the subject in conversation. Move to the side of the camera and do some small talk, taking as many shots as the subject relaxed face will allow. What should you be talking about? Anything but photography, of course! One certain stress factor that could ruin all your efforts is the appearance behind the camera of some unexpected stranger having eye contact with your subject. The person being photographed could feel like a fool - being the subject of all this attention (the lights, the tripod, the attire, etc...) rule of thumb: lock the door or make sure you will not be disturbed.Portraits need to be differentiated from instant photography by presenting their subject in their environment. Take the portrait of a hairdresser in his salon holding comb and scissors. Take the portrait of a homemaker in her kitchen presenting her home cooking with pride. Take the picture of a student in school uniform sitting at a desk, chewing the end of a pencil in front of an assignment.A way to give depth to a portrait is to convert the image to black and white. Another way is to include symbolism into the image. Are there special items which people would instantly associate with the person? The composition of your frame is paramount. Think of a foreground before the person and a background behind the subject.Outdoors can be great pieces of portraiture. Rolling hills in the tradition of master painters will certainly give a grandiose setting. Don't just rock up there impromptu. Go beforehand with a friend to investigate the best spot. What is the best time of the day in regard to lighting conditions? Should you use open flash to remove shadows from the face? (You don't want to turn your subject's nose into a sundial...)

Artistic Special Effect

by Photo Exhibition on 09 May 2017 permalink
Here is a somewhat challenging shot of two bank buildings of opposing architectures.The vanishing point perspective and the tight framing make those two establishments compete with each other.But why stop there? With some digital special effects we can now dramatize this image to no end.The sky has disappeared, the stone facade is dripping in blood, one side of the glass highrise has turned black with a patch of red and yellow which could represent a fire...There you have it - A seemingly sedate look at the Australian banking establishment one moment - the aftermath of the financial crisis the next...

How to turn a photo into a painting

by Photo Exhibition on 02 May 2017 permalink
Here a somewhat classic image of a tallship with the Sydney Opera House in the background.originalIn just two steps you can completely transform this tourist happy snap into a surrealistic masterpiece.

How to be spotted on social media

by Photo Exhibition on 25 Apr 2017 permalink
Your profile picture is worth all the attention you can devote to it. In order for people to read your posts you need a teasing title and an affable or remarkable image.Women spend a considerable amount of time in front of the mirror. They know how to present themselves in the best possible light. Although some poor quality image sometimes makes you wonder if the person has an identity problem.What about the men? How can you differentiate one bald head from another? One clever dude used black shoe polish to simulate a new hairline, complete with a curl on the left hand side!Another idea would be to shave half of your hair, half of your moustache and half of your beard. On a dating site the tagline could be “half furry and half clean-cut”.You could photoshop your mugshot to look remarkable. What about adding a question or exclamation mark hovering above your head? What about adorning yourself with a couple of horns, or a decal tattoo on the cheek for Australia Day?What about wearing your glasses upside-down? What about a false nose? A painted clown face? A funny hat, some skiing goggles, a scarf, a pipe, an oral thermometer, a monocle, some false moustache?Now the things to avoid would be a photo of your dog, your cat, your pony, your goldfish, etc… no matter how much you love your pet – you are not your pet!Avoid a picture of yourself together with your same sex best friend. People can’t spot who is who! Married folks occasionally portrait themselves with their spouse. That’s cute but are you acting out of the fear someone might seduce your mate?Avoid photos which are under or over exposed. Every smartphone now comes with a smart camera. No more excuses! Take another shot until it is quality perfect. Memory is free, we don’t consume film anymore.Think about how you cone across. If you can’t dig out a decent or noteworthy picture of yourself, what does that say about your character? If you don’t care about yourself, how do you think people will be convinced that you can care about someone else?Social media can be your personal portfolio. Think not only of how you come across to your family and friends but also your workmates, friends of friends, neighbours, associates, people who might recognise you at a party, a fête, a public event…We now live in a connected world. When it depends on you, make sure you connect well.

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